Friday, January 25, 2013

Our First Challenge!

Autumn, Sabra and I are still very new to the blogger world, but we are having a blast! We have met so many new people because of our blog, expanded our social circles and actually leave our sim, on occasion! (That's the important part, pay attention!) It wasn't always like this for us. In fact, there was a time when we rarely left our platform in the sky or even im'd someone inworld for a chat. If you're on Plurk (like us) you start to notice that this is the case for a lot of us! So Autumn and I started throwing around the idea of a blogger challenge to get us all to be more social. And so...The Bust Out of Your Bubble Challenge was born!

We want you to bust out, with us! So here's the deal! Step outside of your comfort zone and get to know someone you normally wouldn't...and blog your adventures! You're a new blogger? You admire a veteran blogger but have been too scared/shy/intimidated to approach them? Send them an IM and ask them to do a post with you! You have someone on your timeline who you think would make a really good friend, but you've never responded to one of their plurks? Send them a PP! Ask them to hang out...and blog about it! Maybe you're a veteran blogger and you see a newbie who has a lot of potential...get to know them, share some tips...and blog about it! I think you get the idea, right? They don't even have to be a blogger...anyone you'd like!

We can't wait to see the shenanigans! Spread the word!  Be sure to post your pictures with URL's to the Flickr Group! And most of all...HAVE FUN!

The Constellation Girls


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