Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Ones I Love

Hello, loves! Happy New Year! I hope you all had fabulous holidays and I hope you all have great things coming in 2013! Let me just preface this post by saying its very personal, extremely schmaltzy and super pic heavy. Please don't feel obligated to read the entire thing...its just my ramblings. LOL

I joined SL in the beginning of 2008 with my RL best friend as a way for us to spend time together since we were living on opposite ends of the country. Little did I know, at that time, I would still be here five years later, I'd have met some amazing people and I'd become so attached to this virtual world. I feel like 5 years is a milestone of sorts, right? That, combined with the events of the past few weeks, got me thinking about the people I appreciate most in my SL. The people who have proven to be true friends. The ones who have stuck by me through all the chaos. The ones I love. So this, my little cabbages, is for you!  

Autumn. My twinny, my other half, the Ellen to my Portia. I have no idea what I did to be blessed with such an amazing friend and sister. She is one of the very few people who actually get me. She knows what I'm going to say, before I say it. She knows when to step in and stop me from being my own worst enemy. She lets me boss her around - and laughs about it! I truly believe she has made me a better person and I could probably never express just how much she means to me. I can only hope I've been as good a friend to her as she has been to me. 

Meggie. My forever sister and my heart, always. She is my SL constant. For five years, if I've needed someone to cry with, laugh with, bitch with...she is there. We've had our ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. It's made our relationship as strong and unbreakable as it is, today. I'm here for you, always! Muah! 

Niatalia. My precious God Baby. For so many years we've been in each others lives in one way or another. The bond we have ended up with makes my heart happy. It took us a while to define our relationship, but I'm glad we both stuck it out. I may not always be in her IM's, but she is always in my heart. 

My Momma, Aurora. I was very skeptical about becoming her daughter. I had known her on her kid av for years. I was worried it would be awkward. Thankfully, I was wrong. She loves me, unconditionally, and accepts me for everything I am and I'm not. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have her to smack me around now and then. There's been bumps in the road, but I've found my way home.  

My Dad! He goes by many names... This man is crazy. Serously, certifiable. When Autumn and I set out to find a father, we had NO idea what we'd end up getting ourselves into. I had wanted a dad in SL for so long...but seriously, men just aren't that into the whole family thing. Just as we were about to give up, this man walked into our lives. The only way to explain him....perfection. I probably don't tell him how much I appreciate him as much as I should. But I'm the evil twin, so...yah. 

Topsy...my favorite child! Three years ago, this little bundle of adorableness skipped her way into my life. After several amazing months, we went our separate ways. Looking back, I can honestly say she never left my heart and I missed her more than I realized. When she reached out to me in 2012, I was beyond elated. We have since repaired our relationship and I couldn't be happier. She is one of the reasons I continue to log into this crazy world.

Sophie...my Christmas Bebe. Last Christmas, Santa brought me the best present, ever. She claims she's a reject from the stork factory, but I know better. She was always intended to be in my heart. I made a mistake and let her go once, but she's back where she belongs and I'm not letting go again. 

Shayne...the Boy Child! "Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter." Shayne and I met under crazy, messed up circumstances. The drama surrounding us was off the charts. Once the dust settled and we all moved on...I was lucky enough to have emerged with him as a friend. Shayne eventually became close with the entire family and we abducted him and made him a Coeur. He brightens my days with his wacky im's and he was definitely the missing piece of our happy little family. 

Darwin. He's the pretty to my cute. On some level...far away in an alternate universe...Darwin and I just clicked. If I need to laugh, he is my go to guy...if I need fashion advice, eh... never mind. What I appreciate most about Darwin, he's fairly sensible and level headed. That's hard to find in this messed up place. Our friendship is somewhat new, but I hope to be writing about how awesome he (and his mesh creations) are for quite a while. 

Gissy! She is my fabulous Niecey! When I finally broke Autumn down and convinced her she needed a child she had some bad luck to start and I was sure she'd never do the mom thing again. Then, my son at the time, brought Giselle around and I could see how she and Autumn clicked. Gissy quickly became part of the family and slowly creeped her way into my heart. I love her sassy attitude and her eternal AFKishness. So happy to call her family!

Qopi. My little Mexican! Before she was Qopi...before she was Sophielle...before she was whoever the hell else she's been...she was my big sister, Isamar. For ages, she was that strange girl who stood in the water all the time. But once we finally started to get to know each other, there was no stopping us! Four years later, we still talk to each other like bratty little siblings. Thats love, right there. 

The Bix. My first real parent in SL. He spoiled little me, beyond reason. He introduced me to "actresses" and "juice". He gets intoxicated and calls me "The Worst". He's not around much, anymore, but I still love him with all my heart. 

Scotia. My love of loves! My eternal Noob! The girl I refuse to ever lose. She completely won me over by IMing me one day to tell me she was wearing a house...on her ass...and she couldn't get it off. Someday, I vow, she and I will meet in RL and cause havoc all across the country. Or world. Depends on where she's living at that time. 

Aristoteles. He saved my life once. Really! And I'd like to think I saved his sanity, in return. The adventures he and I had together were epic. While I was looking for pics for this post (because he refused to answer my request for him to log in!) I was in tears looking thru some super old snapshots. Don't worry Arsie, they will all go to the grave, with me. 

Trace. He's my oldest friend in SL. Back when he was a she and her tiny little store was shoved in the far back corner of some obscure sim. We'd sit outside it and laugh for hours. I adopted my first child with him and he held my hand as I ventured into the world of SL fashion. He's not really around SL anymore, but on the rare occasions we talk or text, its like no time has passed at all. We still squee with each other over silly things, exchange beauty tips and worry about each other when things are going wrong. I will love him, forever!

Amber. Very rarely do I find a bond with someone that will last as long as it has with this girl! At one time, she was my SL mother, she introduced me to magical cookies and milk and made me eat veggies. I guess she was right, I grew up big and strong! I don't ever see us not being friends. 

Q. My favorite pain in the ass. More than anything else, Q has taught me patience. Under normal circumstances, I would have killed him off ages ago. Something about him makes me appreciate him and all his nonsense. 

Skippy! He and I don't talk as much as we should. But he's been around for ages. He was one of the few people I let back into my life after I left my original av. He let me boss him around as a noob, always responds to my ridiculous group "I love you all!" chats, never forgets a birthday! Love you, Skip!

Last, but certainly not least...Tribes. He was actually the reason I started thinking about doing this post. He almost never logs on anymore, but when he does I always smile. He's been an amazing friend to me for a very long time and I miss my early morning talks with him. Maybe again, someday. Sigh.

Be good to the ones you love, people! And have a fabulous new year!

Skylar ♥


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