Friday, December 7, 2012

For The Movies

Guys, I'm so excited! Remember my friend, Darwin who was messing around with mesh and creating some pretty cool stuff? Well, he's been hard at work all week and he's emerged from his hole with something amazing! You see, on top of being a colossal geek, Darwin is also a movie lover. Seriously, every time I ask what he's doing the answer is usually, "Watching a movie.". So it was no surprise to me when he created The  Blue Mouse Movie Theater Skybox. If you're in to watching movies in SL, like my family and I are, this is the perfect space to set up your home theater. It has a large open space for you to set up your own seating (I'm nagging him to make some theater seating next!), a beautiful space for your TV or movie screen and even a modifiable poster display so you can change what movie is currently showing and what movie is coming soon. You get the feeling of being in an actual theater, but with the comforts of your own home!

As if this isn't awesome enough, Darwin has named the skybox after a local theater in his area. Sadly,  the theater is in danger of being shut down. You can read more about it, here.  Darwin will be taking the money he makes from the sale of this skybox and donating it to help save The Blue Mouse Theater. He's so awesome, amirite? 

 You definitely need to check it out! You can see it in world, here. Or, you can take the plunge and but it on the marketplace, right now, here!


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