Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zero Lag Thirty

A few weeks ago, Autumn and I blogged our Beauty Base Zero. Part two to this challenge is called Zero Lag Thirty. I actually really like this part, because it brings attention to something we should all be aware of. I admit, I don't always check my attire and attachments before heading to the latest event or sale. It's so exciting, after all! But, if more people took the time to de-script and unattach, we just might all have a better experience. You can read about ways your avatar can cause lag and ways to reduce it, here!

When I know the place I am going to will be lagtastic, I try to strip down to the basics. As much as I love mesh, sometimes its best to go with basic, system layers. I will never, ever delete these shorts from Tres Blah, they have been my absolute favorite since the day I bought them. And they still look damn good! The cami was a freebie from, I am not sure if it's still available, but I have it in all colors and it's still my go to when I need an under layer. And socks! I absolutely hate shoes in RL, so I even feel itchy when I have shoes on my feet in SL, so socks are the way to go!

Render Weight: 2746
Scripts: 0

What I'm wearing:

Top: - Basic Cami White
Shorts: Tres Blah - Denim Cut Off Shorts Dark
Socks - Arai - Daily Socks
Skin - Izzie's Estella - Porcelain
Hair - Magika - Little 03
Pose - Focus Poses - Model Set 123_8


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