Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cobblestone - Century Kitchen

Guys. I have a confession to make. I am a house and furniture addict. There, I said it. And I am not ashamed. Pretty sure I own every house on the grid. And I change houses more often than I change skins. However, it takes a lot to get me excited over something...I am hard to impress. Guess what....Fallacy DeCuir has blown me away. This is the new Century Kitchen from Cobblestone and it is absolutely amazing. First and foremost, its beautiful! It's classic, clean look with modern touches makes it come together perfectly. You can even customize the counter tops and back splash to better match your decor!

Take a closer look, though, and its the details that will totally sell you on this kitchen! Pretty much everything you interactive. There are animations in both the main kitchen unit and also the island. Everything from rolling cookie dough to scrubbing floors! (and even a rest, here and there)

Here's what excites me the most...the details. Things like the dishwasher that not only has dishes in it, but you can run it...and there's also a magnet on the front you can change to get your family know if the dishes are clean or dirty. (totally failed on getting a pic of that...sorry!) You can microwave your can run hot or cold water...your shopping list is on the fridge with only the most important items on it! The place mats will rez you a delicious meal when ever you want...or make yourself a PB&J for lunch! I really haven't had enough time to play with this kitchen yet, but every time I do, I find more stuff!

Total prim count/LI for the entire kitchen is 162. But the bits and pieces are easily removable to reduce the count, should you need it. Everything is mesh, minus the sink. The animations also rez and distribute props, as needed. Everything is mod, except the fridge, microwave and place settings. I know there's a ton more that I'm missing...just check it out! Even the price is amazing! You won't regret it, I promise!


Anonymous said...

you're a pretty good decorator! looks great :)

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