Monday, March 18, 2013

Seven (Things About Me)

Strawberry Singh has started a blog meme called "My Seven SL Facts".  Here are my seven facts...and per Berry's judging!

♥ 1 - My 5th Rez Day is in 10 days. Skylar is only 2 and a half years old. My original av's name was Trixie Perlmann. I left her behind to move on to bigger and better things and I never looked back.

♥ 2 - One of my very best RL friends, I met in SL when I was about 3 months old. She isn't in SL any longer, but we stil keep in contact on a regular basis.

♥ 3 - I became anti-social in SL almost immediately. The first parcel of land I owned was on a sim full of griefers who enjoyed spamming everyone with penises of every shape and size. I got together with a few friends and bought a homestead. I've never lived among the commoners since.

♥4 - I have less OCD in SL than I do in RL. I like things set an an angle in SL. They don't have to be paired perfectly and the amount of things usually don't matter to me that much in SL. This will come as a shock to Autumn because I'm pretty sure my OCD tendencies make her pretty mild as they are.

♥ 5 - At any given time, I probably have at least three pictures in the process of being edited for a possible blog post. Sometimes all three will actually get posted. Sometimes none. Pretty sure that's called A.D.D.

♥ 6 - I am horrible at IM's. HORRIBLE! It's not that I don't want to talk to anyone...I love to talk! But I totally forget that they're there.  Also, I never notice who logs on or I never think to IM anyone. I'm sorry!! Just IM me!

♥7 - I probably have double what I should in my inventory. I'm so paranoid about losing something that I make copies of everything. Everything.


Anonymous said...

yup, i knew all of these things!

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