Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Fantasy

Do you live, do you die, do you bleed
For the fantasy
In your mind, through your eyes, do you see
It's the fantasy

I'm not very big into the fairy tale/fantasy aspects of SL, but when I saw the Dyisi Satry Outfit from Evie's Closet at this round of Zodiac, I just had to have it. I have to admit, as well, I knew Autumn would be buying it...and that it would turn into a collaborative post for the two of us. We're just so damn cute, I think I'll let the pic speak for itself....muah ♥

What we're wearing:

Outfits: Evie's Closet - Dyisi Satyr Outfit - Aries Zodiac
Hair: D!va - Flora
Antlers: Half Deer

Skin: Glam Affair - Zara - Black Phoenix
Hooves: Epic - Basic Faun Legs - Dark Brown
Makeup - Half Deer - Faun spots

Pose:  !bang - mini series - overcome 3 (Zodiac)

Skin: al vulo- Debbie* Ohh Deer chantilly  (Group Gift no longer available)
Faun Legs:  Titanias-Faun-Brown

Pose:  !bang - mini series - overcome 5 (Zodiac)


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