Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bad Reputation

I don't give a damn 
'Bout my bad reputation 
I've never been afraid of any deviation 
An' I don't really care 
If ya think I'm strange 
I ain't gonna change 
An' I'm never gonna care 
'Bout my bad reputation 

Ahhh it feels good to be back to normal, hopefully.  Now I use the word normal loosely, normal for me is a far cry from the "norm" and as my song suggests, to hell with that.  I am very behind on the 50 shades challenge and that pains me since Shiloh is an amazing friend and I want to support this challenge she began.  I am picking up right where I left off with Sheer Anything.  I admit I struggled with what I would do with this one, it did not come to me as easily as some of the others.  But on one random shopping trip to Redgrave I had the wall of lingerie pointed out to me and I snatched this adorable bodysuit right up.  A special bit of love to Kirsty with her store Rack Poses.  This is a set I have been meaning to blog from called Show It Off.  They are just very beautiful sensual solo poses and are worth checking out to add to your collection.

What I am wearing:

Lingerie:  DITA - Black - REDGRAVE
Hair:  (epoque hair) Tied Up - Genetic
Collar:  :)(: Spinal Collar BLACK v1.1
Shoes:  [Gos] Mae Platform - Black
Skin:  [PF] Alyx <Vanilla> - Winged/Eye A (aubbrow)

Pose:  RACK Poses - Show It Off Pose 1


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