Monday, April 29, 2013

The Little Monsters

So...sometimes we're little. It doesn't happen very often, lately. But Autumn and I do have kid av's. They are holy terrors, they cuss like dirty truckers and, as a warning, may cause dizziness. They're super fun, just ask Shiloh Selene!!   We brought them out of hiding, last week, when Curio announced the 50% off sale. Mini Skylar and Mini Autumn got mini makeovers! Today, I got bored and logged on again. I did a quick marketplace search for just cute Toddleedoo clothes and stumbled across this adorable Dino Sweatsuit! It's from a store I had never heard of, CuteKid Fashion. So, I dug up a SLURL and tp'd to the store to check it out! The clothes were adorable! Most of them were for boys, but it was totally impressive! Finding quality clothing for boys has always been a challenge. But there was at least one adorable dress for girls, that I also picked up! These sweat suits, though, OMG! So I picked up the pink one for myself (it was free!) and I ran to Marketplace to pick one up for Bleu (it's only 100L!!)! I love them! Probably never taking it off...just sayin. If you're definitely need this! 

What the monsters are wearing: 

Lashes: Beetlebones -  Mesh Lashes - Dainty Brown
Dino Suit: CuteKid Fashion
Hair: [e] Again - Brown 08/Red 05
Skin: Curio - Sundust [Light] Sweetheart-Pure 1
IKON Ardent Eyes - Skyfall/Dew


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