Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Circa @ HGE

There is so much spread across so many sims right now for the Home & Garden Expo it is hard to even wrap my own head around all the great stuff that is there.  I would however love to show off this little skybox from Circa.  It is a single room with a balcony and the box measures in at 13 land impact.  The bushes and sconces on the outside are not attached and are just a small amount extra.  There is also a light beam which is attached separately which is very pretty for day to day however for picture taking purposes I took it out.  Have I mentioned 100% of the proceeds from this skybox go to RFL?  Visit their display HERE.

Circa also released the little dining set which fits perfectly on the balcony which is in the top picture.  Again 100% of the sales go to RFL.  The ladder shelf also pictured in the inside shots is available in store as a hunt prize for free until May 30th.  It is in two parts across the store as it also comes with floor pillows and books.  The wall aquarium pictured above the sofa is also a free hunt prize available in store until June 3.  Happy Hunting HERE

The items pictured above can be found at the following stores:

Floorplan - Sofa, Coffee Table, Daybed
Pilot:  Soaring Color Wall art, Dresser & Artwork
Schadenfreude:  Hula Lamp
Breno:  Rugs & Floor Lamp
Alouette:  Patchwork Chair (RARE gacha item), North America Wall Clock & Hanging Books
Scarlet Apple:  Pup Lamp, Beach Player (at C88 right now)
Lame:  Wall Frames, Alarm Clock
Lisp:  Bookends
Artilleri:  Plants

If I missed something here, just drop me an IM in world.  <3


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