Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bazar at The Home Show!

This wasn't intended to be a post about just one vendor at The Home Show, but once I started rezzing pieces from The Toronto Bedroom from Bazar...I couldn't stop myself! I am such a bed hoarder in SL. It's a serious problem, only rivaled by my addiction to buying houses that I'll never use. This bed caught my eye, right away! It looks like the kind of bed I could hang out in for hours on end and read, snuggle, watch TV...anything! The additional pieces of the set are each adorable, on their own. But, by far, my favorite piece is the Toronto Closet. The clothes rack in the back left...perfection! And it's only 9 LI! You're totally going to have to check this out when The Home Show opens on July 1st!


All bedroom pieces are from Bazar
Build is from Ouchi-ya (Hitsu Ruby)


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