Monday, June 24, 2013

Heres My Number(s), You Don't Got To Call Me Shorty.

This week, Berry has brought back the What's Your Digits challenge! I have never participated, before, so this is all I have for you. No comparisons or anything, sorry! I will say...I am freakin short! But, I'm always the shortest person around in RL, as well, so I guess it's only natural. The other thing that's been tossed around a lot is the arm length. After reading through everyone's opinions and checking out some charts, I felt like my arms were too short. So, I lengthened them  a bit, and then I felt like a orangutan. So they're back to their original length, again.

Also, my shape is far from Standard Sizing numbers, but I rarely have to make adjustments to fit into Standard Sized items. If anything, I bump my booty down a few notches and we're good to go. So, I'm always curious as to why people complain about having standard sized shapes? Because I got nothing...

Love and kisses! ♥


Anonymous said...

Ah, the booty! I think that's the one thing I really don't like about mesh - the designer dictating the size of our bums :(

Strawberry Singh said...

LOL I kind of feel like an orangutan too ever since I lengthened mine, but I figure I'll get used to them eventually. You are adorably short, love it. <3

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