Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ticket To Ride

I need to share this with you! A few months back, my Sister and I stumbled upon this adorable store, *Little Hopper*. We both bought some really cute stuff, but just outside the shop was this adorable little swan boat! We both fell in love, instantly and started scouring the sim looking for a place to purchase it. I was heartbroken to learn that it hadn't been released yet, but I joined the group in the hopes of being updated the moment it was. I literally squealed and jumped out of my chair when I got the group notice that it was being sent out as a group gift!!! Last night I finally pulled it out and we had some major quality family time, zipping around the sim! The boat actually seats up to 5 people, two of which get multiple (adorable) poses. There are three speeds and even a little jump that works well for hopping over obstacles (like your other sister). We really had a great time playing with should go check it out!


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