Saturday, October 6, 2012

Feed My Frankenstein

Frankenstein 1

Have you ever been to Le Bistro Foods?  The creator Amera Pomilio is probably one of the most energetic and nicest people you will ever deal with.  She has a lot of amazing perks if you are in her group or even her subscribo and her customer service has always been above and beyond.  She often has demonstrations for new products too and shows you how to use all of her clever scripting.  Fear not, if you miss a demo her step by step notecards are super easy to follow.  One of her most recent specials was a Halloween cookie set.  For a limited time she bundled both packs of cookies together for the price of one.  You have to be quick, her specials go fast!  I enlisted my twin to help me bake both batches.  I should have known from the start it was going to be me baking and her supervising.  Look, she already had her wine poured and a back up glass at the ready!!!

Frankenstein 2

After we (meaning me!) mixed all that batter and shaped and baked all those yummy cookies those Apponos Aprons from the Zodiac event for Libra sure came in handy.  I stayed clean from all that frosting and dough.  Skylar managed to not spill any wine on her clothes.  That super cute apron blocked all!  Look at that slacker... supervising.

Frankenstein 3

Thankfully the cookies came with these great little snap containers to store them all when we were done.  The kids are going to be thrilled when they find out we have cookies in the house.  I would love to tell you Skylar is back there supervising the cookies, however I think she finished that bottle of wine.
Frankenstein 4

Sleep sweet sissy, have dreams of tiny Frankensteins and Candy Corns.

What we are wearing:


Apponos Aprons: M Zodiac: Libra Patterned
[[Mozz]] Cosmetics - Winged Eye (Brown)
(Caroline's Jewelry) Rainbow Cake Ring (gacha ring in store)
*GF* Strap Shoes "Alex" -patent:black
::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (lush black)
>TRUTH< Briony - cocoa
HOC - Skinny Framed Glasses
Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Paris Green, w4)
MG - Necklace - Marrakech Heart - Short - SILVER
R.icielli - ANNA Mesh Jeans / #02 (15L Pumpkin Hunt in store now!)
[-iPoke-] Heart
{mon tissu} Spade Blouse (M) ~ Mint Garden
Glam Affair - Cassiopea - America 02 BR


Apponos Aprons: M Zodiac: Libra Patterned
{mon tissu} Spade Blouse / Alpha
The Secret Store - Lovable Pumps - Cancan
blackLiquid MAKEUP - soft pink glitter shaddow
[ a.e.meth ] - Eye Shimmers (Silver)
(Yummy) Michelle Pearls (1 Strand)
.Pekka. Mon Piercing - Mouth
::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Dainty Black)
::Exile:: Break Away:Swiss
Leverocci - Round Nails_1FA_ScarlettPlain
Maitreya Leggings - Black
{mon tissu} Spade Blouse (S) ~ Polkado
Glam Affair - Lilith - America - Clean D

Pose and Prop Mentions

Le Bistro - Candy Corn Cookie Set
Le Bistro- Frankenstein Cookie Set
TeaSoup - Party Hardy
.:S&C:. - Sit 02
The Loft - Butcher Block Rollaway Island - White
Funky Junk - Beatrice Kitchen



Marcy Morris said...

love it .. .sooooo cute both look adorable!

Skylar Coeur said...

Love you!

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