Monday, March 11, 2013

Hey, bloggers!!!!!

Step outside of your comfort zone and get to know someone you normally wouldn't, possibly learn a few things along the way...and blog your adventures!

You're a new blogger? You admire a veteran blogger but have been too scared/shy/intimidated to approach them? Send them an IM and ask them to do a post with you!  You're a veteran blogger and you see a newbie who has a lot of potential? Get to know them, share some tips...and blog about it! 

We want you to get involved! Send a notecard to Skylar Coeur. Include your name, your blog url and the length of time you have been blogging. We will keep a list of interested participants!  We will even make it easy for you! If you are interested and want to be matched up with someone, instead of taking that leap yourself, let Skylar know and we will match you up! There's really no excuse not to do this! 

***The response for this has been great! We really do need more veteran bloggers to match up with newer ones!**


Anonymous said...

What a cute idea :)

Anonymous said...

Love this idea :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in! =)

Unknown said...

good idea <D

Anonymous said...

Such a fun idea! Is this still going on?

Unknown said...

I have one person who needs a match! Or you can ask anyone else you'd like to, on your own!

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