Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just Stop! (My SL Pet Peeves Meme)

Berry has a new meme this week! Your SL Pet Peeves! You can see hers, here! I'm going to give my list a go...it probably won't be pretty, so I apologize in advance.

#1 - For the love of god, people! Stop iming me the second I log on!  You know its annoying, right? Everyone has to think so, no?! But besides that, I have a routine I need to follow in order to satisfy my OCD. IM's are last on that list. So, if you IM me before I read notecards, clear notices or do a number of other things... I will close your IM. And then I will forget about it...and you will think I am ignoring you. Which, bitch, you didn't give me a chance to take a breath first...you deserve to be ignored!

#2 - Personal grudges. There's so much to say about this subject, but I'll try to keep it simple. We've had an issue in the past? I truly apologize, but it's time to get over it. Move on. Bringing it up repeatedly, weeks, months and even years later just makes you look immature and insecure. I'm over it, I promise. You should be too.

#3 - Hanging out at landing points. This is especially annoying on Fifty Linden Fridays and opening days of monthly events. Hundreds of people are tping around the grid, then. Why do 17 of you need to stand right where everyone else is trying to get to? Take three steps out of the way while you rez, its not going to kill you! And if you don't plan on moving one square inch from where you landed when you tp'd in and I happen to bump into you when I move away from the landing point....do not complain that I bumped into you. You'll regret it. I promise.

#4 - What is the point of keeping your mic open while you're shopping.....alone. For real! I don't want to hear your music...or your typing...or your breathing...and for gods sake I do not want to hear your kids screaming in the background!  Keep your mic off if you aren't engaged in a conversation, especially in public! (Private voice conversations in public area's are a totally different subject. But I won't start!)

#5 - IM's work both ways. I am the FIRST to admit that I suck at IMing people...I really do! But...don't whine about never talking to me if you never bother to message me, either! In fact, the more you IM me, the better the chance that I will actually respond and I may even message you more in the future!

I really tried to tone down the bitchiness here...but Adaline reminded me that I am a bitch. So here you have it. My list could actually go on for pages and pages, but these are my top 5....I think. Sorry if I offended anyone. I really do love you all!!

P.S. - Mass TP's. Seriously. Just don't. I will delete you without a second thought. For real.


Top: Cracked Mirror - Graphic Sweaters - Heart (From Fameshed!!)
Pants: Maitreya - Footless Tights - Dark Grey
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lily - Wild Honey
Skin: Glam Affair - Zara 02
Ring: (Yummy) Boho Ring - Black
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands Elegant
Feet: Gos - Barefeet - Flat
Pose: Adorkable - Whimsy 4 - From Pose Fair 2013!!


Strawberry Singh said...

I tried my best to tone down the bitchiness too, but it's hard when you are sitting there complaining about so much to not sound like a bitch! LOL Thanks for participating!

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