Thursday, May 23, 2013

Home and Garden Expo - Another Peek!

Here is more cuteness from the Home and Garden Expo, for you! (It starts tomorrow!!)  Is this little cottage not adorable? By Dorian is a new to me store and I am totally impressed! The Hope Cottage is perfect and I hope to decorate it completely and show it to you in all its amazing-ness soon! The Barnesworth Flagstone Pavers compliment the exterior perfecty, am I right? All the other cute garden accessories totally completed my happy morning...details, below! 


Build: By Dorian - The Hope Cottage
Pavers and Planters - Barnesworth Anubis - Beveled Stone Pavers and Planters
Garden Stone: MeadowWorks - Look Down At
Grass: Roawenwood - Shade Tree Flowered Grasses
Tree: Roawenwood - Olde Shade Tree
Rock: Roawenwood - Shade Tree Stones
Log Bench: Roawenwood - Beneath The Olde Shade Tree
Stone Wall: Inspired - Crumbling Rock Wall
Interior Accessories: Cobblestone - Sunshine Pictures and Ladder Shelf (pine)


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