Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Home and Garden Expo - Just A Peek!

I have a general addiction to shopping in SL, however, when it comes to houses and decor...addiction is an understatement. Autumn's favorite story to tell anyone is how, one weekened, I purchased, decorated and deleted four houses. Four. So, I guess you can start to imagine how excited I am for The Home and Garden Expo. You can read about all the excitement, here. And check out more amazing pics, here!  These are just a few, small pieces of what I have seen so far. There will be lots more to come, I promise! Squeeee!!

HGE Items: 

NACH  -Stone Wall Sconce
R(S)W - Flowerpot Bird Bath - Painted Pots
R(S)W - Potting Bench - Shabby
[Park Place] Green Plant - large
[Park Place] Pink & Purple Flowers in Vase
[Park Place] Green Plant - small
Atelier Visconti - Epoque Candles
Fancy Designs - Mermaid Sun Catcher
NACH - Candle Decoration
Cobblestone - Sunshine Pictures (Long)

Build: L2 (Not an HGE item, but you can get your very own, here!)


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